24 March 2017

Happy Friday. It has been one crazy, hectic week that has just flown by. I have had the worst headache for a couple of days now. It started on Sunday, when I usually plan my posts for the upcoming week and is still going strong today. So whenever I came home from my internship I just had some dinner and went straight to bed. Only now I feel like I have energy to finally post something again.

This outfit might not be the best example of the weather lately. This is an outfit that I completely forgot to post. I shot these photos back in either January or the beginning of February with my friend. We went to wander around Amsterdam for the afternoon and had such a chill day. It was so cold, hence the scarf, the big wooly coat and the cozy jumper. Anyway, I have quite fond memories of this day and just seeing these photos (not that I look that great in them) brings back so many happy memories

What I'm wearing:
Sissy Boy coat
Weekday jumper
ASOS jeans
Adidas Stan Smith trainers
Monki scarf
CĂ©line sunnies
Lancaster bag


20 March 2017

Last week we had an amazing week. We had lots of sunshine and it really started to feel like spring. My friends and I had such good spirits and I am really looking forward to spring weather now. Today the weather still isn't as spring-y as I would like to have it though. So to bring the spring good weather vibes back I made a little wishlist post with lots of Spring/Summer clothes to get me back into the spring vibes.



15 March 2017

So in this post I will be sharing three of my favourite facemasks that help clear up my acne at this moment in time. Let’s start with a little story about my skin. I have talked about my skin in a few posts, so by now you probably know that I suffer from cystic acne breakouts from time to time. I probably get a new, painful and cystic pimple at least once a week, if they don’t appear more often.